Narwhal chaser

Listening to Sir David Attenborough talk about narwhals is truly a soothing and rejuvenating experience. Good for whatever ails you.

Video Link

Via Explore and Maria Popova


  1. In fact, listening to Sir David Attenborough talk is by itself a soothing experience.
    Take care, Maggie.

  2. it” so stiflingly hot in NYC today, that I want to swim with those narwhales in crisp cool clear water. 

    1. Jeez. It’s three degrees hotter in NYC than in Palm Springs. That’s unusual.

  3. Soothing except for the “if the ice freezes above them, they might suffocate” part — finally, someone who benefits from global warming!

    Also, narwhals are cool and all, but doesn’t this dilute the ‘chaser’ brand a bit?

      1.  I get the narwhal-unicorn thing, but was the previous post (which was admittedly epic) all that chase-worthy?

  4. Near the start of the video when the narwhal made… whatever that sound was… my cat freaked out.  The narwhals are some of the most secretive and elusive animals in the worlds oceans.  Cats are some of the most secretive and elusive animals on land.  Could it be that…  Nah – that’s just crazy talk.  Squirt, why are you looking at me like that?  Did you have that horn yesterday?  Squirt…  ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGggggggh!

  5. obligatory nawhal bacons at midnight reference. ask any mermaid, you happen to see, what’s the best narwhal, unicorn of the sea.

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