Beware of attack birds

 2E269B5Abe3711E192E91231381B3D7A 7 I spotted this somewhat disconcerting sign at a playground yesterday. (BTW, I've starting playing with Instagram. If you care to follow, I'm @pescovitz)


  1. Pretty common to have birds defend their territory in this manner.  Just wear safety goggles until the babies have fledged and you’ll be fine.  :)

  2. There’s a park in Tokyo, Arisugawa-koen, that is a haven for ravens (seriously). Some parts of it make you feel like you’re in a Hitchcock movie. Which is why you see signs like this (the warning in Japanese is a little more urgent-sounding).

  3. I think they’re starlings. There’s some here in the East Bay that are downright mean. When they are out, I change my walk home from the BART station…

  4. Redwing blackbirds are also bravely, nastily aggressive. Worked in a building downtown where a pair had set up housekeeping in a decorative Bradford pear tree.  Good thing the building had two entrances because the bird made the one a real challenge.

  5. Anyone who lived in Noe Valley in the Oughties and didn’t know there was an insane grackle dive bombing pedestrians across the street from from the defunct Real Food grocery store clearly didn’t get out much.

  6. Hey that’s *my* park! My bf and I take our dog Toby there everyday! I didn’t know a boing-boinger (boinger-boing?) was there as well! Cool!

  7. Where I catch the train at Carl/Cole, there’s a little dog park. Some years ago, I would get pecked on the head almost every day walking under the tree before I gave up and started taking a different route to the train. The birds would actually sort of hover, and come back in for seconds! Now I know where the birds relocated to. A better neighborhood! 

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