Treasure Island Music Festival 2012 lineup


5 Responses to “Treasure Island Music Festival 2012 lineup”

  1. Rosin Ffield says:

    Nice to see M83 making something more than keyboard-layered chords. The subversive MatriX -like video is pretty nice! Pity it hints about “augmented human” rather than a human who have reclaimed their inherent supernatural abilities, but it seems there is some of this too in the video…

  2. EH says:

    All Bay Area music festivals evolve to focus on either of DJ/Club or Funky Folk, let’s see how long this one can resist.

  3. daemonsquire says:

    My Limerick Engine needs fueling.
    That Outside Lands contest was grueling!
    I’m sure, this time ’round,
    Diff’rent skills need be found,
    Lest I’m once again ticketless, mewling.

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