$4.5M in 72h

Louis CK's experiment in direct retailing the tickets for his upcoming comedy tour is a huge success: $4.5M in business in three days!


  1. Awesome!  Screw the middle man and all the fees they charge.  “Convenience fee” pff. Who is that convenient for? Not me. Disintermediation is where it’s at. 

    1. Hi, I was a naysayer in a previous thread. Nice to meet you.

      My concerns are for how he’s going to thwart ticket resellers. And, actually, I hope he has a plan that works so everyone else can copy it, or at least point to it. Unfortunately others have tried and failed to take on both ticket vendors and resellers, but I certainly hope he can.

  2. Louis is quite a guy. Besides being a talented entertainer, he is really hands-on with the production of his show. And now this innovative screw-the-middleman distribution method.

    Take your “convenience fee” and shove it where the sun don’t shine, Ticketmaster!

    1. Seattle.  1994, Pearl Jam. We called Ticketmasters “Ticklemasturbators”. Assholes.  They were hated not for only their “convenience fee”, but you paid it no matter if you purchased it through them or not. I remember pitching a fit at the Showbox ticket window. I took the bus all the way there to avoid the fee, and I still had to pay it!


    1.  And he can afford to keep on making a living doing what he’s doing now, which a lot of people enjoy experiencing. He’s offering content, and they’re willing to pay for it. The Price is Right.

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