HOWTO become a security expert, Bruce Schneier style


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  1. Kaleberg says:

    One time, while I was waiting for a Southwest flight – they are always late – I had a nice chat with a security expert who had spent years as a professional safe cracker and robber. He had done pretty well, but eventually he got caught. When he was released from prison, he found he could work as a security consultant specializing in physical security. If nothing else, he understand how the bad hats worked, so he could now do a good job as a white hat. In fact, he was on his way out on a consulting gig. I can’t recommend this as a career path, but it was an interesting story to hear.

  2. noah django says:

    >…if they want to break in…

    oh, you.

  3. Susan Carley Oliver says:

    Study / Do / Show – isn’t this a roadmap to creating a career in just about any arena?

  4. Paul Renault says:

    If you want to do it Bruce Schneier style, you also have to learn to play a musical instrument.

    I can’t find the youtube video. But in the meanwhile, watch this:

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