How to: Lower tourists into a volcano


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  1. Sabocat says:

    THIS! Is why the volcano god is angry.

  2. and to think, we’ve just been pushing our human sacrifices off the edge of the caldera all these years! i think madame pele prefers her offerings to be lowered gently. i mean, you want them to burn, not hit their heads on rocks.

    seriously though… this is pretty ossm. it’s definitely on the list the next time i make it to iceland.

  3. semiotix says:

    Thanks for this, but is there really a wrong way to lower tourists into a volcano?

  4. Mordicai says:

    Answer: Cackle madly & whisper “yesss…yesss….” while doing so.
    Alternate answer: while chanting Latin  in dire tones.

  5. joeposts says:

    Also helps to keep the walls of the volcano nice and clean. Takes a crew a few hours with an asbestos squeegee, but it’s an important part of planetary maintenance.

  6. Ian Wood says:

    You never can tell who’s a virgin, can you? Despite the helmet and orange jacket, I wouldn’t have suspected.

  7. Guest says:


  8. penguinchris says:

    I had never thought about the possibility of going inside a magma chamber. It looks exactly like I’d expect it to and some of the shots look a lot like standard geology textbook diagrams!

    If you’re ever in Idaho I highly recommend Craters of the Moon National Monument, a lava field with explorable lava tubes and everything (and no time or health and safety restrictions, be careful). Probably not as good as in Hawaii (I haven’t been there myself), and not as spectacular as this one in Iceland, but easier to get to for people in the continental US. 

  9. Calladus says:

    So THIS is where the Thuggee cult worships the goddess Kali!  Isn’t there a ritual where the living heart is pulled out of the sacrificial victim, which bursts into flames when the victim is lowered into the lava below? 

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