Real flying car for sale

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This fantastic artifact from the history of the future can be yours for just $1.25 million. An aircraft collector is selling his 1954 Taylor Aerocar N-101D. Designed in 1949, this one of only 5 that were produced. The wings fold forward for driving and according to Aerocar designer Moulton Taylor, quoted during the vehicle's, er, launch in 1950, it's easily converted for flying "even by a woman, without soiling her gloves."

"1954 Flying Car for Sale" (Smithsonian/Paleofuture)

"1954 Aerocar -- The Flying Car" (Hemmings)


    1. I was never very clear in my mind about what my flying car would look like, but thanks to the Jetsons I knew *exactly* what it would it sound like (queue onomatopoeic “woo woo woo”).

  1. Everything I’ve read from the very few people who have actually operated an Aerocar have said that they are neither an ok car or a good airplane.  Mostly, they’re better at being an airplane due to the lightweight nature of airplane construction being a detriment when in car mode. Still, it would be very cool to see one flying overhead.

  2. The tail and wings also come off entirely. There is a prop shaft that protrudes from the boot lid and that connects to a socket on the prop shaft in the tail assembly. I’m surprised the guy is selling it too. He was on the History Channel with it and apparently it’s been in the family since it was purchased.

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