The Silver Cord graphic novel 1/2 way to funding on Kickstarter


5 Responses to “The Silver Cord graphic novel 1/2 way to funding on Kickstarter”

  1. E T says:

    I might be interested if everyone featured in the trailer wasn’t a white, middle aged man…

  2. Adam L. Cox says:

    Yeah, it’s a shame white middle-aged men are still allowed to be creative.

    I backed it.  It’s a cool story so far, and the art is beautiful. I hope they make their goal.

    • E T says:

       It’s not that “white middle-aged men” aren’t allowed to be creative but that they only show themselves. No one else allowed or good enough to be in their show…

  3. Austin McHenry says:

    I loved the artwork, but I must appeal to the Silver Cord team to do some rewriting.
    I feel that the dialogue between the “special” young woman and the  man who works at the lab was written by a teenage girl working out her issues with being dumped. It didn’t ring true, and her unprovoked angstiness was a real turn-off. I groaned whenever the story went back to her.

    Secondly, and more importantly, I could not stand the circus clown angel character. His eye-rolling jarjar binks role makes this story suitable only for juveniles. It looks like he will continue to be in every scene through the end of the book, but like the star wars character, the story’s dependance upon him is artificial. He could easily be written out.

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