Well-endowed man questioned by TSA


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  1. Matthew Wong says:

    He should have opted for the body scanner. 

  2. Spieguh says:

    “TSA dicks around with a large penis, story at 11!”

  3. Idle Tuesday says:

    Kind of sad that the only thing that this guy is known for is to be born with a big schlong. Even sadder, is that I knew who he was.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Fame and fortune are fleeting, but a big cock lasts forever.

    • Sean says:

      Oh, I dunno…there are millions of us who are known for….well, we’re not known at all.

      Errr, I meant there are millions who aren’t known, not that there are millions of us with huge….ummm….I’m just gonna stop talking.

  4. Gyrofrog says:

    I think it’s time to get on the horn and ask some hard questions, before more people get hung up and get all half-cocked.  DHS sure pulled a boner with this one.

  5. waetherman says:

    “It was probably harder on them than it was on me.”
    I hope that was intentional.

  6. disqusit2 says:

    Kudos to this guy’s PR agency. Brilliant work.

  7. NoWayJose says:

    I remember the Well-Endowed Man from the X-Files. Such a shame when they killed him off.

  8. Martyn Drake says:

    “Is that a prohibited item in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see us?”

  9. The only palpable advantage to having a huge dick is the extra leg-room it would afford one in the event of being granted Three Wishes.

  10. Cowicide says:

    Inducing penis envy is against the lawl.

  11. Mike Estee says:

    “At first they came for the man with the 13.5″ penis, and I said nothing because I did not have a 13.5″ penis…”

  12. cubby96 says:

    Yeah, this guy had an entire article written about him in Rolling Stone in 2003.  Google sent me here: http://www.maryellenmark.com/text/magazines/rolling%20stone/920S-000-047.html

  13. SpaceOtter says:

    “So what’s in the handbag, sir?”
    “That’s my foreskin.”

  14. franko says:

    pix or it didn’t happen. : )

  15. Interesting that TSA doesn’t do anything to hassle the well-endowed man.  Presumably he’s not as big a threat to national security as people with walkers…

  16. Matthew says:

    This story reminds me of the scene from Spinal Tap with the cucumber wrapped in foil.  Except this guy couldn’t take this thing out of his pants…

  17. wilmcdaniel says:

    David and Goliath?

  18. Jen Onymous says:

    Note to self…must buy that man a drink.

  19. IronEdithKidd says:

    There’s a pic of Mr. Falcon in bike shorts floating aroung out there.  It’s NSFW. 

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