Important news from the wind energy industry


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  1. matt perkins says:

    Talk about sustainability!

  2. Jer_00 says:

    You giggled a lot when you posted this, didn’t you?

  3. kthugha says:

    “Just look at this giant wind turbine.  Just look at it…”

  4. kmoser says:

    We should have seen that coming.

  5. Stay_Sane_Inside_Insanity says:

    These DONG turbines are just the thing for Britain.  With DONG turbines, that island’s once-flaccid national spirit will rise gloriously, mimicking the very DONG turbines that are propelling this change. 

    And what a change it is!  Seeing the proud erection of these DONG turbines will fill every Briton with a new boost of confidence.  As DONG turbines rise out of the sea to pierce the sky, penetrating more and more into higher and higher cloud layers, Britons will be able to feel — in a very personal manner — the solidification of their country’s hitherto-insubstantial future, growing firmer and firmer with every DONG erected. 

    • Stay_Sane_Inside_Insanity says:

      And I can only imagine the reactions of Britons upon hearing this DONG-related news.  No doubt there were many joyous ejaculations.  “I say!”, “Awesome!”, and “F&%# yeah!”, are all ejaculations that I would expect to hear in England, depending on the social class of the ejaculator. 

      But no doubt words failed some of the people, who were reduced to ecstatic moans of pleasure in reaction to these DONG erections.

      • niktemadur says:

        “I say!”, “Awesome!”, and “F&%# yeah!”, are all ejaculations that I would expect to hear in England

        “Blimey!”, “Good show!”, “Cheers, nice one, etcetera!”
        And let’s not forget the inevitably UK and very bloke-ish “Foocken’ brilliant, mate!”

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      These DONG turbines are just the thing for Britain.

      Seriously?  It sounds like a cock-up to me.

  6. Teirhan says:

    We use Siemens phones at work and every time someone says their name i have to fight not to snicker.

    yes, i am five, tyvm.  

    • Donald Petersen says:

      You know at this very moment, there’s a young swabbie or two in our fine Navy from that proud family, desperately counting the minutes until he or she can make petty officer.  Seaman Siemens is almost as bad a moniker as Seaman Staines.

  7. Cameron Russell says:

    So, it’s Dong With the Wind?

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