Realtime Mitt Romney wealth accumulation calculator

The "Mitt Romney just made" page is a running calculator that shows a realtime estimate of Romney's earnings while you watch (He made $940.38 while I wrote a couple of blog posts and got a bowl of cereal for my daughter). It also lets you calculate your own Romney earnings. For example, making a 10-minute egg (including the time it takes for the water to boil, and a minute in ice-water to loosen the shell):

"In the time it takes me to boil an egg, Mitt Romney makes $2,596.08"

Mitt Romney just made: (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. with that money he is creating jobs and giving other people a chance at success.

      1.  Hey you can’t offshore gardening, landscaping, house cleaning, meal preparing, car detailing, ass reaming positions!  I’m sure his wealth affords him to employ all sorts of catering positions that those people are grateful for!

      1. …so says Mr Ad Hominem!

        Seriously, you managed four ad homs in one sentence — that’s quite an achievement.

        (weakness (in your opinion), lameness (ditto), shortness, and newbieness don’t affect the incisiveness or relevance of a comment)

    1. Exactly!  Ask all the narco-traffickers that Bain Cap launders money for!  Ask Enrique Prado who he’s voting for!

  2. Mitt Romney makes an obscene amount of money. Don’t let that distract you from the fact that Obama is far from the average citizen’s wage as well.

    Neither of these people have your best interests at heart. 

    1.  Obama made a few million by writing several well – received books.

      Romney is a vampire capitalist. A financier, not a captain of productive industry. I have much more respect for his father, who ran a US-based car and truck company that actually, directly employed thousands of people and created a product* that people could buy and use to better their lives.

      * Hell, under George Romney produced fuel-efficient compact cars, and researched fast-charging electrics. Actual innovations, rather than style changes. Imagine that!

          1. “After his time in White House, however, he made a substantial income as an author and public speaker.”

      1. Minor edit:
        “Hell, under George Romney, produced fuel-efficient compact cars and researched fast-charging electrics.”

        A bit of a departure from Hell’s typical production of fire and brimstone. Or did you mean the city in Michigan?

  3. For those who think Mitt makes too much, what would you recommend is a more appropriate income for a presidential candidate?

    Let’s have a hard number. No weaseling.

    1. $32,140 per year.
      Lazy search for “Median personal income”  in the USA and I found $32,140 for the population age 25 or older in 2005. That’s more than I make, and I live pretty comfortably.

      If the presidential elections were truly fair, it’s just common sense we’d get candidates who are actually representative of the people we know and meet. Above all people want honest candidates who represent *average people*, who are not just buddies with Wall St. CEO’s, or party puppets, or come from aristicratic households that only make up a tiny, tiny percentile of people.

      1. It would be interesting to know when the last time a political candidate actually made that much or less. But, yeah, to be fair, I suppose we should elect a homeless guy every now and then.

      2. I don’t want an “average” person in the white house. I also don’t want someone who’s rich and out of touch, of course. The ideal person fits somewhere in between, but more than likely it has nothing to do with how much money they make.

        1. Same here. I want someone who’s smarter than I am in the White House. I want someone who can come up with creative solutions to real problems. If it’s just about the money, hell, put in Warren Buffett.

        2.  Exactly, it has nothing to do with how much money they make.

          Which means that *if* elections had any chance of changing anything or any hope of fairness, we would expect elected representatives to on average represent all income percentiles relatively evenly (ie a flat-line if graphed). Instead we have the vast majority in the top couple percentiles and almost none from any other, which shows that democracy is completely and irreparably broken. Depressing conclusion perhaps but I don’t see any other way to read it.

    2. Honestly at this point why does the President even need money while in office?

      He has use of free housing, free transportation, and I’m sure all of his expenses can be paid for through the position.  Not even considering the fact that presidential candidates are capable of extracting tons of money from people for their election.  With the left overs 4 years of living with little expenses should be easy.  (Yes I know they can’t keep the money, but seriously over a BILLION on  campaign spending…that’s asinine.)

      So I say it should be an unpaid position.  I mean you get free health care and security for life.

      -The same should go for the Congress and Senate, minus free health care.

      1. Actually, the president does have to pay household expenses (like food and laundry) out of pocket.  Apparently, the food costs especially add up, considering the large number of state guests in the household and security issues.

    3. In the UK David Cameron is worth about £4 million which is considered to be enough to put him seriously out of touch with the average voter. Any salary which does not attract higher rates of PAYE (pay as you earn) income tax would be acceptable (less than £34370 in 2012-13). I think all MPs (cabinet ministers included) should live in council houses (public housing) while the House is in session to prevent fraudulent expenses claims. On their allowable salary they would not be able to afford much of a London mortgage.

  4. Rather than “Romney Just Made”, a more accurate description would be “Romney’s Estate Just Generated”, as Romney himself didn’t lift a finger to earn that money.

  5. Does such a person exist that would fit  accurate representation of “average people” with the relevant experience need for presidency plus the absence of “massive cash-flow”? I don’t think you get one without the other. Picking on solely Romney is somewhat ridiculous. Obama comes from being a US Senator (who make, based on Google-findings a  woppin’ $176,000/year – not exactly an example of today’s “99%”).

        1. Yes, if you don’t have regulatory capture money, you’re on the losing team.  That’s sort of the point.

    1. What is the “relevant experience need for presidency”? What do Obama, and Romney, and Kerry, and Bush know how to do that you do not?

  6. You all mock the job creation of the 1%, but there’s plenty of people making money as interweb political shills.

  7. Antinous, Having just watched that train wreck of a comment that you had to deal with I have a new appreciation for what you put up with. I am sorry I ever irritated you, and they do not pay you enough.

  8. It really would be great to see a site self-described as populated by “happy mutants” take a more mutated, outside the box approach to an electoral contest between a technocratic academic bureaucrat and a technocratic bureaucrat financier, each of whom represents a model that is demonstrably chock full of fail.

  9. As I’m typing this, Mitt Romney made some money. So did I, actually, but that’s off the record, on the QT and very hush-hush.

    1.  Major props for the Danny Getchell reference.  One of my favorite characters of all time.

  10. What I find interesting is that the website “” is down and has been down. So I did some research and discovered who owns this website. The following is the registered information:
         Administrative Contact:
          Made, Romney Just
          1234 No Street
          Seattle, Washington 98105
          United States

    Obviously this is all fake…you can do a quick look for yourself by going to try entering in and select whois at the bottom. According to the rules all website registration must be verified as true. That phone number alone is proof that something here is wrong.

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