Zulu Pearls - "No Heroes No Honeymoons" (MP3) - Boing Boing Exclusive!

Sound it Out # 30: Zulu Pearls - "No Heroes No Honeymoons"

Zulu Pearls is a fellow named Zach Van Hoozer who moved from Washington DC to Berlin a couple of years ago.  He’s been working on the record with producer Nick Anderson for three years while plugging away at bar shifts and day jobs.

I like this song very, very much. It’s groovy and slightly sinister and I can’t get it out of my head. It has a kind of restless energy that makes you want to do something exciting and possibly embarrassing.

The new Zulu Pearls album in out 9/18 and is full of spare and soulful tunes such as this one. It’s called No Heroes No Honeymoons, just like the song.


  1. Ehem… Zach is from Arlington… retroceded in 1847… just sayin.  Can’t wait for the U.S. Shows!!! W00t! Woot!

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