Did Sherman Hemsley have an LSD lab in his house?

Jeff Simmermon says, "Apparently [recently-departed] Sherman Hemsley was a serious acid/psych-rock fiend and had an LSD lab in his basement." From an interview with Daevid Allen of Soft Machine and Gong, which appeared in Magnet magazine:

“It was 1978 or 1979, and Sherman Hemsley kept ringing me up. I didn’t know him from a bar of soap because we didn’t have television in Spain (where I was living). He called me from Hollywood saying, ‘I’m one of your biggest fans and I’m going to fly you here and put flying teapots all up and down the Sunset Strip.’ I thought, ‘This guy is a lunatic.’ He kept it up so I said, ‘Listen, can you get us tickets to L.A. via Jamaica? I want to go there to make a reggae track and have a honeymoon with my new girlfriend.’ He said, ‘Sure! I’ll get you two tickets.’

I thought, ‘Well, even if he’s a nut case at least he’s coming up with the goodies.’ The tickets arrived and we had this great honeymoon in Jamaica. Then we caught the plane across to L.A. We had heard Sherman was a big star, but we didn’t know the details. Coming down the corridor from the plane, I see this black guy with a whole bunch of people running after him trying to get autographs. Anyway, we get into this stretch limousine with Sherman and immediately there’s a big joint being passed around. I say, ‘Sorry man, I don’t smoke.’ Sherman says, ‘You don’t smoke and you’re from Gong?’

Inside the front door of Sherman’s house was a sign saying, ‘Don’t answer the door because it might be the man.’ There were two Puerto Ricans that had a LSD laboratory in his basement, so they were really paranoid. They also had little crack/freebase depots on every floor. Then Sherman says, ‘Come on upstairs and I’ll show you the Flying Teapot room.’ Sherman was very sweet but was surrounded by these really crazy people.

Magnet: George Jefferson: World’s Biggest Gong Fan? (Via Bad Ass Digest)

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  1. I’m having a strange personal moment of clarity: 

    My dad love(d) Sherman Hemsley and he really really loves Breaking Bad.  It may be time for me to have ‘The Talk’ with PapaSan. 

    1. Only the names have been changed to protect… wait, that’s not it… what was I talking about?  Oh yeah, the human brain named itself the brain, and… (goes quiet with a frozen goofy smile, staring at a tiny crack on the wall for a couple of hours).

  2. That explains his funkiness. Of course if he was just a lush drinking wino on the side, this wouldn’t be making the news. 

  3. From Wikipedia

    Hemsley was a shy and intensely private man who was characterized by some as reclusive. He avoided the Hollywood limelight and little of his personal life was public knowledge

  4. What an unexpected mindblow, Sherman Hemsley loving stuff along the vein of Van Der Graaf Generator!  Sure, why not George Jefferson getting it down with something like Can’s “Mother Sky”.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ICsoINapqs

    Also, don’t forget Roxie Roker’s baby boy is Lenny Kravitz.

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