Cartoon explains how world's cutest encrypted chat service works


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  1. Some other abbreviation than twice the dreaded “SS” didn’t come to mind of those who decided to call it “SSSS”? Nobody seems to go to school anymore…

  2. SekiSelu says:

    Edit: I should read the descriptions more carefully! Props to the music for this wonderful instructional video :)

  3. Won Word says:

    SSSSS? Pfft—that’s like getting teased in kindergarten: kid stuff.

    1. Print two boarding passes
    2. Present one to the counter at “check-in”; note the SSSS now stamped next to your name
    3. Throw away first pass
    4. Present pass #2 to TSA person in “security” line.
    5. Do the take-off-shoes-just-a-crotch-grab-no-radiation-thanks dance
    6. Pick up irradiated carry-ons/put on shoes, walk to gate

    • cegev says:

      It appears that this SSSS is one that’s actually printed on the boarding passes, not the SSSS that airline representatives write/stamp on passes when they feel like being jerks.

  4. Boundegar says:

    But what if this software enables bad people to talk about bad things?

  5. Mitchell Glaser says:

    I’m glad he thinks it’s funny, I guess. I don’t agree at all.

  6. dagfooyo says:

    The service sounds awesome.  The video was incredible.  I want to know who composed the music for it, I could listen to that all day.

  7. retchdog says:

    i was hoping that during the “open source and transparent” part, that we would see an x-ray view of the kitty. ah, well, still neat.

  8. soylent_plaid says:

    Step 1: Make safe, easy to use encrypted chat service.
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: Government doesn’t like this, brands you as suspicious for life.

    Note that there is no Step 2.

  9. John Maple says:

    My country has turned into a work of science fiction with an anonymous author.

  10. morcheeba says:

    What’s up with the NSA’s Crypto Cat … I haven’t heard from her in a while!

  11. Seto says:

    Wait, but how am I supposed to securely send a link to the cryptocat chat room I’ve created?

    • Momo the Monster says:

       I wondered the same thing, but I suppose you can just keep on eye on who’s in the room. If someone somehow intercepted or guessed your room name, they’ll show up in your room and you leave (previous messages are not displayed to new entrants).

  12. perch says:

    Funny they use Acebook, which is a social site for asexual folks.

  13. ISOC-NY says:

    David Solomonoff interviewed Nadim at the recent Circumvention Tools Hackfest in NYC.

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