Uganda: Ebola's back

The president of Uganda has "banned all physical contact" as the deadly Ebola virus is reported in the city's capital, Kampala, for the first time. “The Ministry of Health are tracing all the people who have had contact with the victims,” president Yoweri Museveni said in a state broadcast. 14 have died of Ebola in Uganda in the past 3 weeks. (via @seanbonner)


  1. The disease has not “spread to the capital”. One of the victims was taken to a hospital there, where s/he later died.

  2. After reading the Hot Zone, the mere mention of ebola gives me nightmares. Reading something like this makes it pretty hard to keep my panic in check.
    The only saving grace of this horrible disease is that it’s not airborne… yet.

    1. That depends on whether anybody made it past the check-in gate before they became symptomatic, right?

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