Survival Research Labs live performance on eBay

 Forsale Apinerobot

 Forsale La05 Marlahorse2

Would you like Survival Research Laboratories to perform at your next party? How about adding their unique blend of robotic mayhem, orchestrated annihilation, and black comedy to your company picnic? Machine art pioneer Mark Pauline is selling out, literally, on eBay and you can benefit! For $149,000, Mark will bring his theater of cruelty anywhere in the lower 48 states. Permits are the buyer's responsibility but SRL provides the liability insurance. In fact, I may nab this myself for my son's future Bar Mitzvah party. eBay: "Survival Research Labs Large Scale Machine Performance"


      1. “So you don’t believe in Robot Jesus?”
        “We believe he was built, and that he was a very well programmed robot, but he wasn’t our Messiah.”

    1. I’ve seen both and I think the night shows enable Mark to create a more immersive experience by controlling the lighting, etc. It’s just more thrilling and weirder in the dark.

  1.  This gets me thinking. The Astrodome has been sitting unused for eight years now. Its falling apart and I don’t see how anything can be done but tear it down. So, I wonder if I can sell enough tickets to recoup my investment as SRL fans watch half the ‘Dome being torn apart from the inside .
    Interesting fact: The official name of the Astrodome is Harris County Domed Stadium.

    1.  Maybe they could bring down the Astrodome by some kind of controlled nuclear explosion.  What’s a little radiation more or less? 

      1. Perfect for Houston, where I grew up.  It’s just the right distance from where I now live, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

        The Astrodome smelled like the circus just left as far back as the 70’s.  I can only image what it smells like inside now.  It always astounded me that most of it had a dirt floor, even under the seating areas.

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