DIY Mars Curiosity Lander Lego kit


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  1. sam1148 says:

     Hot Wheels will have their Curiosity Rover out in September.

    • Jonathan Roberts says:

      It’s a shame it’s not functional in the same way as the Lego model. Apart from the wheels, there don’t seem to be any moving parts.

      • AviSolomon says:

        Please remember that he’s sharing all this work for FREE!

        • Jonathan Roberts says:

          The Lego model is great, it stays pretty close to the original appearance and function without using specialist parts. The Hot Wheels version looks kind of disappointing, there’s not much attention to detail and the base is just a six wheel truck, with only a bit of plastic molding to indicate the suspension mechanism. I’m comparing apples and oranges, but there are plenty of more lifelike Hot Wheels models out there.

    • AviSolomon says:

      The Hot Wheels version comes readymade from a factory – all you have to do is BUY it and expend the stupendous effort to rip it out of the packaging!

  2. Include a parachute and working sky crane, then you haver a great model instead of just a good one.

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