Love and Rockets 30th Anniversary Northeast Tour with Gilbert & Jaime Hernandez

Good news for fans of Love and Rockets: Gilbert and Jaime are going on tour to celebrate 30 years of making one of the world's best comic book titles.

NewImageSeptember 14th-23, the seminal Love and Rockets creators Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez will tour from Washington D.C. to Brooklyn as part of the 30th Anniversary of Love and Rockets. Signings and readings await the Northeast this fall.

First stop on the Love and Rockets train are signings at Politics and Prose Bookstore in D.C. Experience the plush bookstore and lush linework of the Hernandez Brothers starting at 7pm on Friday, September 14th.

Heading back to the small press scene, Jaime and Gilbert special guests at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Sept 15 and 16th, with several signings at the Fantagraphics table at the convention throughout the weekend.

The following Tuesday, September 18th, the Hernandez Brothers will be signing at Atomic Books in Baltimore. Love and Rockets: New Stories #5 features a letter from Atomic Books' Ringmistress, Rachel Whang, who is also available for signing.

NewImageThe Philadelphia Free Library proudly hosts Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez for a presentation in the Free Library's Montgomery Auditorium starting at followed by a Q & A session. After the talk, fans and friends can get their Love and Rockets books signed in the Library Lobby from 8:30-10:30 at night.

Friday nights may never be the same especially after September 21st when the avid fans of punk, the Hernandez Brothers, bring the house down at The Rock Shop starting at 7pm.

The Love and Rockets East Coast Tour will end with a stop at the Brooklyn Book Festival on Sunday, September 23rd. Gilbert Hernandez will join many other creators on The Sex Panel: Taboo in Pictures featuring obscenity, art and the area between the two. Meanwhile Jaime Hernandez stars on a panel called Worlds Built Over Time: Panel to Page, Book to Series on world building and character development in the long term. Book signings will follow each panel discussion.

Love and Rockets 30th Anniversary Northeast Tour with Gilbert & Jaime Hernandez


  1. Every time something on this subject gets posted I expect to see Daniel Ash and David J.

    Didn’t know until just now that the comic is where they stole their “rebirth” name.

    1.  Yeah, I saw them in ’99 or ’00 when they came to Phoenix, and since then I’ve made a point of finding their stuff, and Bauhaus, and Tones on Tail, and Peter Murphy…

      I’m so goth my dog barks, “Bauhaus!  Bauhaus!”

      1. Saw Love & Rockets in NYC on their final tour for ‘Lift’ … It was like a rave.
        Was lucky enough to see Bauhaus on the Resurrection tour, they still had it :)

        1. Aw, man.  Memories.  Within a six month period Love & Rockets played Detroit twice and then Bauhaus a couple months later came though.  I think Swans rolled through that year, too.  Good times.

    1.  I think you should start off at the (somewhat) beginning, Amor y Cohetes:
      Although this is a recent (2008) compilation of their earliest stuff and doesn’t get into much of Maggie’s background (one of the best storylines, imho) it’s a great intro to their style and art. A bit unfocused and strange near the beginning of the series when you start with this book; by the second book you’ll be hopelessly hooked. Note: Besides the original run of comics, there were also a large number of compilations/TPBs issued during the 90’s that aren’t compatible with the newer, smaller format linked here.

    2. Hay Jason, I just read Rudy’s response, and you can buy the compilations from Fantagraphics. The books are written by two brothers, Jaime and Gilbert, who each wrote their own stories that were originally interspersed in the comics. When the compilations came out, they separated the brothers’ story arcs.

      The original stories from Jaime are actually called the “Locas” storyline, and introduce Maggie and Hopey, along with all the other characters in “Hoppers” – a made-up neighborhood of Oxnard. 

      Gilbert’s stories, the “Palomar” stories, take place south of the border, in a small fictional town, and focus on a woman called Luba and her family.I dearly love both the brothers’ work. Both are incredibly talented writers and b/w illustrators. Jaime works in pen, and Gilbert brush. Both take drawing style inspiration from 1950’s illustration styles. LnR is one of the books that got me collecting comics in high school. My LnR comic set starts with a signed #1. As there are multiple collected formats available, I recommend you consider buying “Maggie the Mechanic” and “Heartbreak Soup”. That will introduce to both the brothers’ work without breaking the bank. Some people are bigger fans of one brother than the other – I love them both.

  2. Love and Rockets!!! I lived in Los Bros’ home town of Oxnard for a while, and reading the adventures of Maggie & Hopey and the gang made me kinda feel I’d gone to high school there too. The drawing style, the characters, the way magic and fantasy weave seamlessly with reality… Man, I gotta go down to Palomar and get me some fried babosas!

  3. P.S. This got no press. I’m a movie fan, and a comic fan, so of course I noticed waaaay back when Criterion offered up a limited edition print of the illustrations that Jaime Hernandez did for their cover of Divorce Italian Style. The print is still up for sale, and does come signed, but isn’t dated or part of a numbered edition (if you care about those things). 

    The colors are great, they’re well-represented on the site, and I (of course) gave in. Mine hangs framed above my TV.

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