Bigfoot checks

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I don't write many checks, but if I did, I'd prefer Bigfoot checks. (via Cryptomundo)


  1. I’m not readily getting the full “Big Foot” legend from this.
    Just an image of a wide foot print.

    I’ll stick with my “alien autopsy” checks.

    1. Just an image of a wide foot print.

      Did your reptilian friends tell you to say that?

  2. If you want Big Foot checks, then it should be one image as big as possible, rather than 4 Less Than Big Feet

  3. Banks no longer issue cheque guarantee cards in the UK so very few people accept cheques these days. My bank has just ‘upgraded’ my account with the additional feature of a cheque book. I would love to be able to use these.

  4. I would like some Sasquatch checks (cheques?), please.
    One book (not box) lasts us like two years, though.. :)

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