Gorgeous 1939 map of physics


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  1. Lexicat says:

    It reminds me of the map of lands from The Phantom Tollbooth. :)

  2. John Fleming says:

    The fine print at at bottom centre says it was published by the Central Scientific Company.  The design is credited to Bernard H. Porter. I guess it’s a 30s version of the swag that laboratory supply companies give away today.

  3. How about posting a copy that you can actually read?

  4. Laurence Brothers says:

    This is a wonderful creation. The neutrality of the listings is admirable; I would have expected the importance of the scientist to be reflected in position, size or in some other graphical way; for example, one would expect MAXWELL to be this colossus bestriding electricity, magnetism and light. But that would lead to infinite invidious arguments….

  5. John Eppley says:

    I love that “Sound” is a sound.

  6. Amelia_G says:

    Neat! If this had included WWII and the immediate post-war period, it would have been interesting to somehow chart the course of someone like John von Neumann, who traveled between so many projects and thinkers.

  7. Mark Dow says:

    Boltzmann should be on the map, at the headwaters of the Statistical Mechanics river.

  8. Has a very Paul Lafolley feel to it…Gorgeous!!

  9. Marco Bertolini says:

    They only forgot Einstein…

  10. Standish says:

    Einstein is a nice sunny spot at the end of the Astrophysics peninsular, overlooking the straits of Energy.  

  11. Adolf Hipster says:

    My father was a physicist. This exact same map is still hanging on the wall at mom’s house.

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