Bruce Lee remix


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  1. akbar56 says:

    Eclectic Method did a grand remix with Enter the Dragon:–5NE

  2. Ramone says:

    Also, juice your veggies and do 10,000 sit-ups.

  3. robdobbs says:

    That was pretty good. A little too auto-tuned though.
    Here’s an Underworld Video inspired by a Bruce Lee essay; ‘Living: The Oneness of Things’

  4. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Mostly it just made me want to have a threesome with young (and live) Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.

  5. Kludgegrrl says:

    Somehow that seems like a cross between the Bruce Lee Remix and the (autotuned) remix of Carl Sagan’s Glorious Dawn

  6. earthandstaplesthat says:

    My favorite Bruce Lee Youtubes are Miracle Jone’s Bruce Lee poetry (yup, he wrote poetry) clips. For example: 

  7. chuck says:

    This reminds me of that Mr. Rogers remix….really similar

    • oasisob1 says:

       Yeah, same guy.

      • Benjamin Palmer says:

        Indeed. I really enjoy all the remixes I’ve heard of theirs so far. If you liked the Mr. Rogers one, do check out the Julia Childs and Bob Ross remixes at the least!

        • ChickieD says:

          He also did the Bob Ross remix and I kept hearing “happy little trees” while I was watching the Bruce Lee thing. For Bob Ross, I felt this overly autotuned treatment was appropriate. He was not a good painter but  a sweet, encouraging guy who brought a smile to your face. But, to me, this approach was completely barf for Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was such a skilled, impressive martial artist, quick as a bird.   I felt like this approach belittled his work, reducing years of training to a fortune cookie message. 

  8. sebastian6 says:

    How do you get it to play without the commercial at the beginning? I watched it on YT and there was a commercial first. I embedded it on my FB from your link and again there was a commercial first. Weird.

  9. dvdsweeney says:

    Watching this made me want to go look for a Cato vs. Clouseau remix.

    Found a Birdy Num Num remix instead. Enjoy.

  10. I finally understand why Bruce Lee was so awesome. Thanks. 

    • Pat Eisel says:

      Now watch everything he shows up in. All movies. All documentaries. All interviews. We are humans. Bruce Lee is something else.

      • ChickieD says:

        A few years back I got into Bruce Lee and bought a box set of all his movies. If you want to really see how great he is, his last movie Game of Death is an interesting watch. He only shot four of the fight scenes before he died; the rest of the movie was shot with two doubles. The doubles were world class fighters, chosen for their skill not their similarity in appearance or acting abilities. It’s obvious when Lee is on the screen and when it’s a double. For one thing, the double is always wearing hilariously large sunglasses. But, what’s amazing to see is that these two fighters look so slow compared to Lee. 

        This movie also has a fight scene with Lee’s student Kareen Abdul-Jabbar, who is around 7 feet tall. The scene alone is worth the price of admission, especially for the moment when Bruce Lee seems to levitate, balanced only on his hands, straight as a board, feet floating off the floor, then he pops up to fight with great force.

  11. pepik says:

    Best part was Bruce Lee kicking Chuck Norris’s ass. That needs to happen more often.

  12. TheMudshark says:

    Masta Killa from Wu Tang Clan has used the water speech sample in a pretty cool track in 2004:

  13. Benjamin Brown says:

    Heh I also sampled this little speech:

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