The facade of NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art has never been fully finished


14 Responses to “The facade of NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art has never been fully finished”

  1. Angryjim says:

    strange that they were put up there at all if unfinished. The sculptor wouldn’t be expected to do the work way up there right? You’d think they’d be sculpted in a studio and lifted into place..

  2. tom.race says:

     Oxford University Museum has some windows carved, some not.  There was a dispute with the stonemasons, and it remains incomplete.

  3. Nagurski says:

    I know a woman in Spain who would love a shot at completing the sculptures. 

  4. knoxblox says:

    Shhhh! Don’t let Cecilia Gimenez know about this…

    • Bobsyeruncle says:

       Well, I for one think the museum would look awesome with a couple of Pasqual Pinon gargoyles staring down.

  5. xzzy says:

    They should do what my elementary school did when I was in second grade.. get kids to paint (or in this case, sculpt out of clay) an image, have a round of judging and voting done by the kids, and the winners got their art enlarged and painted onto the walls of the gym for decoration.

  6. Shinkuhadoken says:

    Clearly it’s a tribute to unrealized potential.

  7. Thorzdad says:

    I kind of like them. It’s an “art” thing. Fitting.

  8. Mark Drop says:

    Just noticed those blocks in July on my last visit – I thought it was some sort of sly comment – almost like Michelangelo’s slaves left half uncarved.

  9. Halloween_Jack says:

    They can carve ‘em up after the stonemasons finish the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

  10. Rene Torres says:


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