Indie Capitalism relies on crowds—and you can do it too


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  1. Rob Davis_bb says:

    Dan and Tom will be at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design for a public talk on Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 7 p.m.

  2. ZikZak says:

    I’m reluctant to make predictions, but I think that “indie capitalism” will be more of a brief fad than the way of the future.  It has so much of the feel of the early dotcom era, when creative people were free to build amazing (and sometimes not so amazing) things and get money for them.  It all seemed so easy, so free from the constraints of workaday jobs and bosses.

    It looked like the meek had finally inherited the earth, that all those lumbering corporations and evil investment banks had been out-manouvered, and would never catch up.  They just weren’t suited for this new terrain.

    But they did catch up.  Ultimately, bankers and megacorps are the capitalism experts.  We may be playing at capitalism now, having fun and imagining bigger things.  But the moment it involves enough money, they will find a way to take over the game and change the rules.  And we’ll be powerless to stop it because after all, it was their game we were playing.

  3. I worked my way through the book during the course of a day’s commute, and I have to say, I don’t really feel I got my five bucks’ worth of reading material. The stories had interesting beginnings, but felt pretty rushed, and the advice was great for someone who has a product in mind that they already want to fund via Kickstarter, but it didn’t really appeal as a general audience book. Overall, I was given the impression that it was a clever revenue stream for them, instead of a quality product they wanted to deliver to me.

    Now, if they go back, flesh out the stories a bit and really make the whole “going from idea to sales” plot a real narrative, I could see this being greatly improved, and worth grabbing.

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