Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique recreated and remixed


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  1. Mister44 says:

    Paul’s Boutique is on my top 10 albums of all time. I will look forward to this.

    OK – I’m an idiot – but is there a way to download this or is it streaming only?

  2. kevin foakes says:

    Also here’s the Beastie’s mix without the chat and with a download option

  3. awjt says:

    This was totally rad, BTW.  I got a lot of good work done today listening to it.

  4. mariancisar says:


  5. noah django says:

    zomg this is gold

    ps: “caught in the middle of a 3way mix” is a reference to a b-side mix of “Shadrach” where instead of the usual of each rapper doing his bit and passing the mic to the next rapper, they each overlay a track of themselves doing the whole rap. its pretty fun.

  6. taras says:

    Interesting project. Paul’s Boutique is my favourite album of all time. They haven’t recreated the album, they’ve done a sort of tribute, very much in the DJ Food style of too many vocal samples. It’s a bit of a nice mess in a listen-once way.

    I’m kinda glad it’s not a full recreation, as I’m working on that myself, but I’ve only got as far as 2/3 of Shake Your Rump :)

    The 33 1/3 book about the making of Paul’s Boutique is an interesting read if you want to know more about this iconic album.

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