Woman arrested four times in 26 hours


This is Joyce Coffey who was arrested four times in 26 hours last week. Reportedly, the first three times were for playing loud music, including AC/DC's "Highway to Hell." The final time was after she threw a frying pan at her nephew. "Police: Woman arrested 4 times in 26 hours" (AP, thanks, Rick Pescovitz!)


    1. Lol, you.

      I like the mini-“Downward spiral” quality of the four shots. I hope she gets the help she needs, and this spiral isn’t a terminal one.

      1. Perhaps the photos are posted in the wrong order, because she seems to get happier and happier.  I thought maybe she had a thing for men in uniform, in addition to rocking too hard.

        1.  It is not possible to rock too hard. Harder that the authorities will countenance, perhaps. m/ m/ *grin*

        2. Maybe that’s like the old bubble-chamber particle-photo conundrum: we really can’t imagine where she’s swerved and tacked and gone between shots A and B…. I was thinking how preternaturally the same she looks in the “first” three shots: an interesting, albeit minor, superpower.

        3. I was wondering about that. She looks so happy and accomplished in the last picture. It’s almost like she’s proud “Hell, I’ve been arrested three times now. I might as well do something important!”

          Also: YAY! I figured out how to get back to my normal Disqus account!

  1. As Bill Morrissey used to say, “I’ll be out high-steppin’/and you’ll be livin’ in Eppin’ “.

  2. Amateur.  My dad got arrested 5 times in less than 4 hours back in the day.

     Granted, it was pretty convenient that the cop who initially arrested him was still in the station, thus giving dear ol’ dad the opportunity to call him an asshole (and therefore get busted again and again and again) each time my uncle bailed him out.

    1. Under what law do you get arrested for calling an officer an asshole? (Disorderly conduct, I suppose, or any one he feels like if you piss him off enough, especially if you do it in front of his buddies.)

      Did it result in a conviction?

      1. What do laws and getting arrested have to do with each other? You get arrested because a cop doesn’t like you.

      2. In ’60’s era South Carolina, all you had to do was piss the cop off to spend a little time in jail.  In truth, not much has changed on that end.

        Of course, the initial public drunkenness charge probably didn’t help, either.

  3. I am confused. I was already happy for her as I thought that the bottom right picture was the one for her fourth arrest. I thought she looked happy now that she had gotten all the rage out of her system.  But I suppose the last picture has a fresher hairdo and it just disintegrates by the last one on the top left. 

    I still prefer to read it in the other order. 

  4. Either this lady needs see a dermatologist stat, or she really, really doesn’t understand how rouge works.

    By the end, she bears a striking resemblance to Our Daisy on Keeping Up Appearances

  5. Well, if I was going to be arrested four times in one day, Highway to Hell would be a pretty awesome soundtrack to accompany the whole thing.  Of all songs, it’s fatalistic buoyancy doesn’t really give one much of an incentive or impetus to try not to get re-arrested:

    And I’m going down/all the way down!

    1. Well, if I was going to be arrested four times in one day, Highway to Hell would be a pretty awesome soundtrack to accompany the whole thing.

      Apparently that highway has a few u-turns.

  6. If we imagine the last arrest photo of her throwing the frying pan to be in the lower right corner, and the other three were for loudness, then she appears somewhat happier to be busted for throwing cast iron than throwing tunes.

    1. The photos seem to say:
      – I’m sorry.
      – I’m sorry.
      – I’m sorry.
      – I’m not the least little bit sorry!

  7. At least her soundtrack is appropriate to her lifestyle. I wonder if  it was her nephew filing the first 3 noise complaints, hence the final frying-pan episode.

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