4chan gets real about software


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  1. Nonesuchplace says:

    You have a couple of spots where you were trying to put an em dash, but typo’d like a squirrel who had just a little too much speed.

  2. Bersl says:

    It’s the source of so many Internet-age cultural trends that even your grandma may be dimly aware that the clever picture she posted on her Facebook was trawled a thousand copies ago from the dark depths of /mlp/.

    Considering that it’s one of the newest boards, a thousand might be the right number; of course, I daresay that none of the pony memes come from /mlp/, never mind Internet-wide ones. It was created because /co/ complained. Certain elements of /b/ still can’t handle the fact that there’s almost always one pony thread on the front page.

    The author almost certainly means /b/ and /v/.

  3. Robert Smith says:

    “Trolls and other obnoxious users may be effectively synonymous with 4chan—it’s part of why there’s very little money to be made there…”

    Quoted for truth; there is no money in lulz. Is this a sign 4chan is finally ready to grow up and stop polluting the internet with offensive—and, let’s be honest, unfunny—content?

  4. I find it amazing that the manga character Yotsuba, the definition of childlike innocence, is the most recognizable symbol of 4-Chan. Yeah, I know that most channers only know her as 404-girl, but still.

    • jandrese says:

      It actually makes sense if you consider her the personification of the webserver.  She blithely serves up whatever people ask for, cheery to help and unaware of the nature of the content she’s serving. 

    • allotrope says:

      The Japanese image board that 4chan is based on is 2chan, pronounced Futabachan. So moot decided that 4chan would be pronounced Yotsubachan (not that anybody really does…). Since yotsuba means four-leaf clover it became the symbol for 4chan and it’s mascot became an innocent manga character with the same name.

  5. Boundegar says:

    tl;dr.  This thread is now about Yotsuba&!

  6. “4chan, the Internet’s long-time dumping butt, is getting serious about software”

    Minor correction for you. 

  7. zdislaw says:

    It’s hard to over-estimate the degree to which my grandmother is not even dimly aware of 4chan.  It is rivaled only by the size of her disinterest in the Internet or, in fact, anything that exists on computers.  She will never forgive the infernal machines for the day they pulled the card catalog out of the college library she still frequents but requires librarians to look up book locations.

  8. Art says:

    4chan.  The wood-veneer paneled, suburban basement of the internet

  9. Art says:

    But the illustration shown here is good!
    And I really like the Burberry necktie:)

  10. Gutenberg may be known for his Bible, but it was Decameron that made movable type practical.

    If it weren’t for trolls, hackers, and pornographers, there would be no Internet. Forget Tim Berners-Lee; we owe the Internet to homosexual coprophilia.

  11. Daemonworks says:

    Interestingly, while /b/ may be the most popular board, it’s also the least popular board.

  12. equilibrist says:

     static cache flushing

    Why wasn’t this available in 1999?

    Back then I ran a site that was very popular for statewide Friday night HS football scores.  I had to use a comma delineated text database and PERL to serve the data.

    Updated in real time.

    If a new request came  while an update was being posted the update was truncated at that point.

    I became very adept at reconstructing those DBs, with surprisingly little data loss.


  13. j c says:

    Most chans steal UI design and features from 420chan.

  14. benher says:

    4Chan is the Pompei, Great Pyramid, and Rosetta Stone of our era. 

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