Video: graffiti artists create wine labels


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  1. kmoser says:

    “Proprietor Mathier Yvo assigned each artist a specific wine from the Fin Bec estate to interpret visually through their creative style.” In other words: get drunk and paint graffiti.

    Imagery Winery does something similar, without the hipster aspect.

  2. connie1946 says:

    The finished labels are delightfully elegant, however why wasn’t this video labelled (by BB) as a blatant advertisement for the winery? If this isn’t an ad, then what IS an ad?

    • David Pescovitz says:

      A pretty good clue that a post is an advertisement that we were paid for is that the post will say ADVERTISEMENT at the top.

      • connie1946 says:

        This post lacks the ADVERTISEMENT caveat. I suppose it’s an unpaid advertisement then. I’m new to BB, so it may take me a while to differentiate advertisements from regular posts. 

  3. noah django says:

    you know how you know you’re old?  when the last place you saw Revok was bombed up every few miles on Nashville’s 440.

  4. mattcornell says:

    Cause nothing shores up a graffiti artist’s street cred like having their work on a wine bottle. 

  5. jeroen says:

    Is it hip to put the labels on sideways?

    • Mark Rafter says:

      That got me also.  The paintings were oriented in a vertical fashion and then flopped over on the finished result.  I would have been upset as an artist.

    • rewhu says:

      Perhaps it has to do with how the bottles are stored. I’m not a wine expert but I believe the bottles are supposed to be stored sideways so the corks stay wet. If the cork dries out it can break off into the bottle and thereby ruin the wine. So sideways bottle perhaps denotes sideways labels?

      And probably because it looks hip.

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