Stan Lee reinterprets the best four-letter word in the English language for us

Marvel Generalissimo Stan Lee has taken the internet podium (via his YouTube channel, World of Heroes) to let us all know that we've all been taking the phrase "Fuck you" the wrong way this whole time. We should embrace this blunt, two-syllable phrase not as a curse, but a benediction! And if there's anything the world needs right now, it's a little positivity. (via Stan Lee on Facebook)


  1. If someone says to me, “Fuck you,” one of my favorite responses is to look them up and down coyly, cock and eyebrow and say, “Is that an invitation?”

    1. And you’re still in one piece?   I can think of rather a lot of situations in which that response would have led to a major beat-down.

      1. Coming from a 5’3″ woman such as myself, people don’t perceive it as a threat.  I also don’t ever say it to those who could possibly see it as a come-on. It seems to work best with other women who take themselves far too seriously.

  2. Stan Lee reveals he’s not aware of how profanity (and the earning of “viewer discretion” warnings) works on youtube.

    1.  Close. About 50 years ago, psychologist Dr. Albert Ellis wrote in Pal Krassner’s The Realist that since sex is a pleasurable experience, the proper expletive should be “unfuck you.”

    2. At least in the movie Lenny as depicted by Dustin Hoffman he did. In the movie Lenny is shown on stage doing a bit where he explains that “fuck you” is really a nice thing, and an insult is “unfuck you”, he also plays a guy that calls his mom and says, “Fuck you, mom.” in a joyous, loving way.

    3. Yep. Carlin also swiped it. “Fuck” comics should be made to wear “Lenny Bruce Died For My Sins” buttons.

  3. The sad part is, by “not saying the whole word,”  he kind of undermined his own point.  If only he’d embraced that “R rating.” It’s not like a lot of small children are searching on “Stan Lee Fuck” anyway.

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