Gentleman charged with stealing $13,774 worth of rare comics from Boulder comic book store (video)

When I was a teenager living in Boulder, Colorado, I used to work at a comic book store called Mile High Comics. It was later sold and renamed Time Warp Comics. So, when news came out that someone had been arrested on suspicion of breaking into the store and stealing $13,000 worth of comics, a few of my Boulder friends told me about it.

According to Channel 9 News, the "burglar broke into Time Warp Comics and Games, at 3105 28th St., about 3 a.m. July 28 and cleaned out a display case containing 22 comics valued at $13,774. One was Amazing Spider-Man 300, valued at $6,200, and others were signed by Marvel legend Stan Lee."

On August 11, Boulder police arrested James Dobbins Wear, 35, of Nederland, Colorado after he sold the stolen comics to two comic book stores in Colorado Springs, a two-hour drive from Boulder.

Wear seems like a rather unsavory gentleman. From 9 News:

Wear had also recently fought with Boulder County Sheriff's Office deputies and then run from them, the affidavit says. A sheriff's office deputy told police that Wear "will do anything to get away and to not be arrested and to be prepared for a fight." The deputy said Wear goes from city to city to avoid charges.

Wear was previously arrested in Boulder County in May on suspicion of burglary, kidnapping, criminal mischief, third-degree assault and misdemeanor child abuse. He also faces charges of contempt of court, according to court records.

Here's the surveillance video of the burglar breaking into the store:

(Thanks, Steve!)