Giant head of Klaus Kinski


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  1. Sirkowski says:

    Werner Herzog’s nightmare.

    • niktemadur says:

      Nothing quite says “Ich bin der Zorn Gottes”, or “Wir wollen die Oper in Iquitos”, like the handsome statue on display here.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Werner Herzog’s nightmare.

      Humanity’s collective nightmare – a giant narcissist head. If it talked, it could run for office.

  2. Boundegar says:

    That’s fine I wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight.

  3. PhosPhorious says:

    That’s cool. . . I guess. . .  interesting at least. . .

    No, on second thought, nuke it from orbit.

  4. mike donnelly says:

    If Herzog had made Alien

  5. Reverend Loki says:
    Finally the Face of Boe has someone to keep him company…

  6. Frank Diekman says:

    Now we just need one of Udo Kier.

  7. niktemadur says:

    And y’all thought Kinski had a swollen head before.

  8. Art says:

     Das ist wirklich schrecklich!

  9. jim weed says:

    this reminds me of the time klaus kept fingering the butthole of an actress he was doing a sex scene with.  she kept saying “stop doing that,” and, incredulously, he would say, “what?”

    • niktemadur says:

      Paraphrasing, the quote was along the lines of “What is the problem?  That is how I make love!”
      Also, I believe the incident occurred while filming “Crawlspace” (1986), when Kinski had taken to lugging around a suitcase full of cash, which is how he demanded to be paid for his work.  Poor sick, sad bastard.

  10. Felton / Moderator says:

    I wonder if anyone has tried to strike a match on the back of it yet.

  11. blueelm says:

    I find this work menacing/playful because of the way the optical suggestions of the facture endangers the devious simplicity of the remarkable handling of ljght. 
    - art crit generator

  12. blueelm says:

    Truth: I find this work frustrating as hell because you can tell that one can not actually slide down that chute-like neck and thus turn this into a giant human-pez dispenser/carnival ride with a Kinski head.

  13. pjcamp says:

    I have seen Zardoz off the shoulder of Orion.

    Oh, wait, I’m thinking of Rutger Hauer. Well I’m not going to let that make me delete a good joke.  

  14. Pedantic Douchebag says:

    I kinda want a floating version I can ride inside of.

  15. Amelia_G says:

    Kinski as Harry Potter as the Moonchild?

  16. ocker3 says:

    Noone esle wants a Unicorn Chaser for that? Even the fixed bald eagle wasn’t enough

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