Giant head of Klaus Kinski


German artist Paule Hammer created this massive head of Klaus Kinski for a 2005 exhibition at Munich's Galerie Andreas Binder. The work is titled "Niemand weiß, was wir fühlen" ("Nobody Knows What We Feel"). It reminds me of something an exhausted Ron Mueck might sculpt after sitting through a comprehensive Herzog film festival in its entirety. (via Spencer Hickman and Dangerous Minds)


    1. Nothing quite says “Ich bin der Zorn Gottes”, or “Wir wollen die Oper in Iquitos”, like the handsome statue on display here.

    2. Werner Herzog’s nightmare.

      Humanity’s collective nightmare – a giant narcissist head. If it talked, it could run for office.

    1. I know Udo casually.  He’d be thrilled.  He’d never even guess that there was any irony involved.

  1. this reminds me of the time klaus kept fingering the butthole of an actress he was doing a sex scene with.  she kept saying “stop doing that,” and, incredulously, he would say, “what?”

    1. Paraphrasing, the quote was along the lines of “What is the problem?  That is how I make love!”
      Also, I believe the incident occurred while filming “Crawlspace” (1986), when Kinski had taken to lugging around a suitcase full of cash, which is how he demanded to be paid for his work.  Poor sick, sad bastard.

  2. I find this work menacing/playful because of the way the optical suggestions of the facture endangers the devious simplicity of the remarkable handling of ljght. 
    – art crit generator

  3. Truth: I find this work frustrating as hell because you can tell that one can not actually slide down that chute-like neck and thus turn this into a giant human-pez dispenser/carnival ride with a Kinski head.

  4. I have seen Zardoz off the shoulder of Orion.

    Oh, wait, I’m thinking of Rutger Hauer. Well I’m not going to let that make me delete a good joke.  

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