More signs point to "Media for Christ" firm behind "Innocence of Muslims"

Marlow Stern at The Daily Beast reports on more evidence that right-wing-wacko Pam Geller associate Joseph Nasrallah ("Media For Christ") may be the producer of the "Sam Bacile" hate video, "Innocence of Muslims." More: Boing Boing news archive for "Innocence of Muslims." (via Max Blumenthal)


    1. Apparently there are TWO DIFFFERENT  “Media for Christ” organizations, which are very different from each other.  Check them both out and make sure you know which is which .

  1. You know who else has some kind of ties with anti-Islamic hate-blogger Pam Geller? Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist who bombed government buildings in Oslo, then shot almost 70 kids at a summer camp. 

    Geller is a rabid Islamophobe, and a walking, talking illustration of why many countries except hate speech from free speech laws. 

    Too bad you have to be brown to be a terrorist.

  2. Do not read BTL on that article – it is full of American Nazis banging on about Muslims being subhuman insects. Never forget indeed…

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