Army "Civil Disturbances" training manual from 1975

Mark Pilkington, who is documenting for Boing Boing his strange trip through the mythic landscape of the American Southwest, picked up this useful manual at an army surplus store in Albuquerque, New Mexico. You too can master the "butt stroke." See more pages over at Mark's blog: "Civil Disturbances (1975)"


      1. – seven times as many prisoners
        – five times as many prisoners on death row
        – six times as many black males in prison
        – a third less black males in university
        – four times higher expense on penal system (vs. 13% decrease for higher education)

        Right now, a quarter of the world’s prison population is in the U.S.

        I hope all these people are held in sane conditions and with consideration for their reintegration into society…
        (commence prison rape jokes)

  1. Here are links to full copies of a number of different versions of the manual, going back to 1945

    Domestic Disturbances (1945)

    Army  Civil Disturbance Manual (1972)

    Civil Disturbances (1985)

    Support to Domestic Civil Authorities in Civil Disturbance Operations: Intelligence Requirements and Doctrine (1994)

    Training for Operations Other Than War (1996)

    Army Civil Disturbance Manual (2005)

    U.S. Army Military Police School Civil Disturbance Operations Course (2006)

  2. My question is, as a non expert: is this good training? Are the more recent versions of the manual better training? What IS the right way to manage a civil disturbance? That would be an interesting thing to read about.

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