Quick self-promotional item: I will be in one of Anderson Cooper's "Tweet Seats" tomorrow morning!

So, Boing Boing readers, here is a media alert for you: I'm going to be sitting in one of Anderson Cooper's "Tweet Seats" tomorrow morning at his daytime show, Anderson Live, which means that I'm going to be on national television! All y'all are going to find out what I look like! I'll be hijacking the Boing Boing Twitter account, live-tweeting the show, which will feature an interview with Emma Watson (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) and the Long Island medium Theresa Caputo. And watch out, '90s sitcom joke ahead: Tamar Braxton (sister of Toni) will be hangin' with Mr. Cooper as co-host. To find out when you can see me tweet in the midst of a live studio audience, visit Anderson Live's site and enter your zip code. And I promise: There will be many more Hangin' With Mr. Cooper jokes, because that's how much I like you guys.