3D domino fall illustrates the extinction of the dinosaurs


6 Responses to “3D domino fall illustrates the extinction of the dinosaurs”

  1. Snig says:

    Michael Bay is doing the reboot of this movie, except with more explosions. 

  2. jimkirk says:

    Nice dominosaur, and I really liked the earth’s magma core.

  3. Boundegar says:

    Blasphemy!  Dinosaurs never existed!  This proves that dominoes are the tools of Satan!

    Also, add a dominoes tag. Because who doesn’t love dominoes? (Besides the Lord, that is.)

  4. Really cool, but I don’t think “animated” is the right word.

  5. Petzl says:

    I found the “Making of” in the second half even more enjoyable than the film itself.

  6. zombiebob says:

    but they look so cute

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