Authorities think that an area of Washington D.C.'s Georgetown neighborhood — on Q Street north of Volta Park — might once have been part of a cemetery. Several sets of human remains have been found there over the years, including, last month, the skeletons of five people. All five were found in the driveway and backyard of one house, where the owners were doing some repaving work and building a new garage. (Via Leah Thayer)

5 Responses to “The dead rise in Georgetown”

  1. Boundegar says:

    It might be interesting to find out who lived there in the past.  Just in case.

  2. huskerdont says:

    “…found a jaw, some ribs and several joints.”

    I always figured those things would decompose.

  3. Deidzoeb says:

    I can haz jimmy hoffa?

  4. robotnik says:

    Nah, just a lot of secretively murderous people living there.

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