Oatmeal fundraiser for Tesla museum is a triumph

The Oatmeal's campaign to raise funds to preserve and develop the 16 acre plot in Wardenclyffe, Long Island where Nikola Tesla's lab once stood has concluded successfully. The fundraiser aimed to raise $850,000 and ended up with $1.4 million, with donations from over 100 countries. The money was given to a group called The Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, and was used to buy the land from the Agfa Corporation, its erstwhile owner.

With The Oatmeal's help, nonprofit buys property to build a Tesla Museum

(Image: Tesla Science Center)


  1. Does this mean we’re going to recover ALL of Tesla’s notes? To publish them, & stash them in the museum?

    (Including his, ahem, discussions with Einstein?)

    1.  A good question.  I wonder what his written work still exists and who has them.  Plus, will they be available to the general public and those working on this historical period?  Will this museum be an archive as well, in other words.

    2. There is already a Tesla museum in Belgrade. It has all his writings and notes. http://www.tesla-museum.org/meni_en.htm

      “In 1951, in accordance with Tesla’s last wish, Mr. Kosanovic transferred all the documents and Tesla’s personal things in Belgrade […] It possesses several exceptionally valuable collections:

      – above 160 000 original documents,
      – above 2000 books and journals,
      – above 1200 historical technical exhibits, 
      – above 1500 photographs and photo plates 
      – above 1000 plans and drawings.”

  2. And I helped. But more important than that is the contributions of Tesla can hopefully inspire others to MAKE wonderful things.

  3. Congrats!  I hope they play nice with the folks who wanted it to make a movie. That’s still a great idea, and surely would be terrific for the museum.

      1.  Cool, I knew I liked that guy.  Now if he would make a roadster that was more like 30K I could afford to patronize his business.

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