YouTube was once all about "oddball videos of gurgling babies, teenagers crashing their skateboards and synchronized wedding dances." They're still there, but now they're part of a broader mix, with a growing number of professionally produced content channels. Today, 50 more launched, added to the 100 introduced in the last year More in the NYT.

3 Responses to “YouTube adds more than 50 original content channels”

  1. Bob Dole's Commie Doppelganger says:

    My experience of Youtube tells me that it’s all about having fourteen year olds inform me that I am a gay Jewish black man, using somewhat less polite terminology. And then they laugh out loud.

    Also I guess there are some videos and stuff.

  2. JOE Houde says:

    These two comments might be the wisest thing on the internet today.  

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