Bulletproof briefcase


6 Responses to “Bulletproof briefcase”

  1. Donald Petersen says:

    Hell, for six large I demand a red L.E.D. countdown timer as well!

  2. Paul Renault says:

    Great!  Now you have to hold the briefcase up high, shielding your head, neck, and upper chest, all the time.

  3. Art says:

    Finally , egg salad sandwiches and copies of USA Today are now safe from bullets :)

  4. RJ says:

    Tumi makes all kinds of lovely containers, but six THOUSAND for a briefcase? That’s exorbitant even for them. Of course, Tumi’s major competitor is Hartmann, and they don’t offer a bulletproof briefcase, so I guess that’s reason enough to offer one at all. Somewhere, some wealthy tyrant is holding up his overpriced briefcase to another, lesser-equipped tyrant, and sticking out his tongue.

  5. Daemonworks says:

    I can’t count the number of times when somebody decided to shoot my briefcase.

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