Bulletproof briefcase


Tumi's new high-security brief is laden with enough layers of Tegris thermoplastic to make it bulletproof. It also has a false bottom. However, for $6,000, I think it should also include handcuffs. Tumi's High-Security Brief (Robb Report, 'natch)


  1. Great!  Now you have to hold the briefcase up high, shielding your head, neck, and upper chest, all the time.

  2. Tumi makes all kinds of lovely containers, but six THOUSAND for a briefcase? That’s exorbitant even for them. Of course, Tumi’s major competitor is Hartmann, and they don’t offer a bulletproof briefcase, so I guess that’s reason enough to offer one at all. Somewhere, some wealthy tyrant is holding up his overpriced briefcase to another, lesser-equipped tyrant, and sticking out his tongue.

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