Soon, AOL will "got mail" again

America Online has developed a web-based email service called Alto (, and early reports sure sound promising. Alto is not a new email provider (no email addresses, at least not yet), but an inbox-replacement for your current email address(es). Read your Gmail, Yahoo, Mac, or other accounts; import Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter messages. Nicholas Carlson at Business Insider has a review. Mat Honan at Wired gave it a whirl. Daniel Terdiman at CNET liked it. The service is launching as a private beta, with public availability sometime in Q1 2013. Alto is free for now, but expect ads or a paid "premium" option later on. It's browser-based, and there's an HTML5 version optimized for iPad (and, presumably, other tablets).

(Screengrab from Business Insider's review.)


  1. Another contender for my email client? I’m just now messing around with Should I give that one up and try this? Thoughts?

  2. Wait… They expect me to pay for that UI, without even providing the service behind it?

    Those AOL guys have spent too many years fleecing helpless old people…

  3. I’m pretty happy with gmail, honestly. For one thing, it doesn’t come with an interface that wastes 90% of the screen real-estate…

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