Bad pun alert: The trailer for the new Evil Dead will have tongues wagging!

(Video link) But seriously, this trailer for Fede Alvarez's (and Sam Raimi's and Bruce Campbell's) The Evil Dead is not for the faint of heart. Is it great? Yes. Is it creepy and gory and violent? Yes, times one hundred. And it also delivers. (via Sony Pictures on YouTube)


  1. that’s an abomination of what raimi and campbell did. but it’s all about the shock these days, so i suppose it fits.

      1.  For the record, that’s me, where Disqus decided to automagically use a different login, despite already being logged in, and never having used that login for Discus (it’s my newspaper account). WTF disqus?

      2.  i’m just waiting to see what they’ll come up with for the eventually faces of death remake.

        1. This is actually A Thing – the director was going to be J.T. Petty (SOFT FOR DIGGING). Don’t know if it’s still a going concern…prolly in development hell.

    1. I’d dare say Evil Dead 1 and 2 were equally all about shock. If Sam Raimi had the budget, it would have looked more like this. I can’t wait to see a new perspective on the series!

      1. i guess i remember the campy humor mixed in with the 80s version of shock. maybe the more recent viewings of army of darkness are skewing my memory.

        horror seems to be about who can be the more revolting rather than who can really scare you. they also used to be about showing boobs between scares, now it seems to be who can make you physically ill. interesting turn of events.

          1. Sure, as a boob having person you can look at boobs all day if you want to. How about a little compassion for the rest of us? It´s hard enough finding boobs to look at these days.

      2. Well yes, but its missing the camp, the horror movies of the day were all about fun, even the gore was fun, this SEEMS to take itself too seriously and i’m not getting the feeling that I would enjoy this very much.

    2. I respectfully disagree.  This isn’t a remake of the horror comedy that is Evil Dead 2 or the much goofier, Evil Dead 3.  This is a remake of the first film which was unabashedly shock and horror.  

  2. I want to say, “Groovy” but I don’t really feel it. More like. Ick.
    Oh, I’m kind of sick and tired of flashing light trailers. Epilepsy inducing trailers just make it hard to view. I think these flashing lights are the “In a World” of movie trailer visual styles and it’s boring. Time to mock.

  3. While we’re on the topic of quadrilogies about magical books, we need a Neverending Story 4. I mean, it’s right in the name. 

  4. I.T. wins for picking “Evil Molesting Trees”… again.  Would’ve been so cool to see a merman. 

  5. Oh good. I’ve never been into gory movies like this so I was hesitant to watch, but it didn’t creep me out. Could help that it’s a bluebird day outside the window of my well-lit office where I am working on a stunningly boring project. My mood of general ennui completely buffered any stress hormones my body may have produced. What struck me is the self-mutilation by zombie-ish people. Is that new?

  6. Warning, Possible Spoiler.

    My question is what’s left? I see all the major elements of the first two ED movies – cabin, cellar, book, hand cutting off, evil-dead-o-vision, bridge gone, etc. My hope is that they take care of all that in the first 35 minutes and that the rest of the film is stuff we haven’t seen or a redo of Army of Darkness (which is the one that needs a redo cause it was so bad.)

    There is an interesting element that the person cutting off their own hand is a woman, but then the missing bridge shot (I’m assuming that’s what the scene is of the guy looking at the river: he can’t get away from the cabin) is with a guy who in the original was Ash the main character.So maybe there are two people living at the end? 

    Diablo Cody has a screen play credit so i assume that means more femalecentric characters/story.

    I’m hoping that we’re only seeing the first half at best of the film and that the rest takes place in the other dimension.

    Finally, can we PLEASE get rid of the teal and orange color palette. It’s so dated and stupid. Blood should be red like in Dredd.

    1. Actually, that scene from Cabin in the Woods reminded me of Evil Dead. They’re just taking back what’s theirs to begin with.

  7. It looks Gonzo enough…half-face gal is yikes!

    I know I should just suck it up and support this…but I miss my Ash!  

    Still, if souls are swallowed, and foliage gets frisky; what’s not to like?

    And yes, after watching Cabin in the Woods I wanna gripe ‘That same damn cabin AGAIN?!’  But yes, and yes of course etc

    Speaking of which, it still bugs me at the end of that movie, with the giant hand…weak.  Should have been a tentacle.

    I feel better now…

  8. It looks exactly like every other trailer for a horror movie these days, down to the washed-out colors and the annoying flashing and screeching. They took something that’s a cult classic because it’s unique and quirky, and homogenized it into “Generic Horror Movie”.

  9. I dunno. Evil Dead, the original, was hard to get through. It was just horrifying. Evil Dead 2 was easier ’cause of the humor. This one looks like the “Horrifying HD SFX” version. I’ll have nightmares. Plus, no Bruce?

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