Simulated Mars mission to study space food


5 Responses to “Simulated Mars mission to study space food”

  1. jimbuck says:

    Sounds like something someone would want to film and make into a reality tv show.

  2. doggo says:

    Pffft! This has been done:

    • Mary says:

      Pffft! back at you the most recent update to the site you referenced was a couple of decades ago.  You sound jealous, might you have been one of the 694 rejects?

  3. Boundegar says:

    Wasn’t there a thing called Biosphere?  And it had exactly the same mission?

    • spejic says:

      That was supposed to be self-sustaining. This isn’t. This is just people sitting alone eating canned food.

      Kind of like the people on Reddit.

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