Typing Karaoke game


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  1. Ripcord2 says:

    Yay!  Reminds me very slightly of McPixel, which is totally underrated.

  2. My eighth grade English teacher used to do something like this on Fridays: he’s pass out a mimeographed page of lyrics with mostly blanks, and play a cassette with a single song looping for the entire hour. We had to fill in the blanks, and then write about the lyrics.

    I was introduced to some great music that way: 10cc, The Eagles, Steely Dan, stuff that wasn’t otherwise available as a cultural influence to me in that time and place (Hawai‘i in the late eighties). But also, Wham. I still haven’t managed to unlearn the words to Careless Whisper, and you could tell who worked fastest by noting the surprised giggles as they worked through Wake Me Up (Before you Go Go).

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