Billy Porter kills it in impromptu Broadway karaoke

During a commercial break at the Tony Awards, host James Corden ran down to the audience and asked Billy Porter if he'd sing an impromptu karaoke song. Porter took the opportunity, as the pro that he is, and belted out "Everything's Coming Up Roses" from the Broadway classic "Gypsy." Of course, he slayed it! Read the rest

Taylor Swift karaoke album pairs well with parody lyrics

I still, secretly, have my daughter’s long-neglected Taylor Swift records on my phone. What’s better than singing those keening harmonies? Singing them wrong, on purpose. Great crowdsourced parodies to all her songs available from Read the rest

Typing Karaoke game

Typing Karaoke is a terrifically-fun browser game where instead of singing the song's lyrics, you must type them. (via Indie Games) Read the rest