10-year-old boy tasered for refusing to clean police officer's car

Salon: "According to the complaint, [New Mexico police officer Chris] Webb shot his Taser at the child after he said he did not want to join fellow classmates in cleaning the officer's patrol car. Courthouse News reported: Defendant Webb responded by pointing his Taser at R.D. and saying, 'Let me show you what happens to people who do not listen to the police.' ... [H]e sent 50,000 volts of electricity into the child's chest on the playground. The young boy blacked out and has, according to his legal representative, been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder ever since."


  1. At least Officer Webb was honest. This IS what happens if you don’t immediately obey an order given by a cop. The cop can do anything he likes to you, up to and including murdering you, and he will likely get a three day suspension for it.

    Those kids learned a valuable lesson on career day. Many cops are brutal thugs with the full force of the law behind them, and the rest of the cops are enablers for those thugs. You won’t find ONE cop speaking out against this. Remember that the next time someone argues ‘that was a rare bad cop, the rest are good.’. 

    Most of those kids have learned to stay as far from cops as possible. A couple of them have learned that those urges they feel to hurt others will find a great outlet on the police force.

    When the bullshit starts the kids will also learn that all of the authority figures they have relied on, from the school principle to the local mayor, are not to be trusted.

    All in all a good 20 years of experience learned in just one day.

    1. This. If someone is telling you what to do and threatening to harm you if you don’t do it, chances are it isn’t in your best interests to comply. Kind of makes you think about our “democratically elected” government, doesn’t it?

    2.  You’re quite correct. In many respects, police forces are indistinguishable from criminal gangs, not the least of which is the anti-snitch culture. Our best outcome is to pay them their protection money and hope they don’t notice us, and hey, sometimes they actually come through for the people who are paying for them. Of course, sometimes they kill the people who call for help.

      1. There ARE cops who speak out against this. There are “Good Apples”. Unfortunately, they are far, far too rare – after all, department heads don’t want “trouble-makers”, their brothers-in-arms don’t like “snitches”, and you can bet all the protections a police officer gets will magically fall away if they dare to rock the boat.

        There are good apples, but they are outnumbered by the bad apples and the ‘decent cops’ that enable them by far, and constantly under the pressure of that corrupting influence. Like in politics, idealists probably don’t last long in the force…

  2. This sort of thing has a long history.  I mean, it’s practically a western cliche where the local law enforcement decide to inspire some poor sap who doesn’t want to dance for them, by shooting their guns at his feet. 

    What?  You say that it’s the BAD GUYS who do that sort of thing?

    Interesting, that.

    1. Also this! Don’t point a gun at anything you don’t want dead. Don’t point a taser at anything you don’t want zapped with high voltage. This was about as much an accident as Todd Akin’s comments about rape were him “mis-speaking”

      1.  Don’t point a Taser at anything you don’t want dead.

        Tasers were designed to be “less lethal” than firearms.  Police weren’t supposed to use them in any situation that they wouldn’t opt to use their guns, if the taser were not available.

    2. Professionals don’t accidentally fire their weapons. If he’s not a professional, then he shouldn’t be employed as one.

        1. I think he should be subjected to high voltage himself. Maybe on some kind of chair, to keep him from falling.

  3. The list of ‘…what happens to people who do not listen to the police.’ is not much different from the list of ‘…what happens to people who do listen to the police.’ http://youtu.be/7rWtDMPaRD8

  4. “Accidentally discharged”

    This is who cops shouldn’t have guns – “Accidentally discharge” one of those, and you kill someone.

    This spanner needs to be on desk duty for the rest of his life!

      1. That’s what would be right.  Never being entrusted with a weapon again is a bit more likely, though not much.  it’s very unlikely that he will have any significant consequences.

  5. And remember folks, just keep repeating to yourself:  It’s just one bad apple!  It’s just one bad apple!  It’s just one bad apple…

  6. That police man should be tased weekly as a reminder of what it feels like.  Anyone who carries a taser should be tased, just so they know.  Tasing a child is unforgivable.  Tasers are just a bad idea.  I once saw cops use one twice on somebody in front of my house.  It was not necessary and was truly horrible to even watch.

  7. I hope the courts award a crippling economic message to the City which stupidly employs such a cretin.  However, don’t look for that to happen. The total militarization of our entire police force, nationwide, is nearly complete.  You know you’ve seen it.  Full riot gear for everything.  Shoot first, don’t permit questions to be asked later.  Hundreds of unprosecuted acts of brutality and unpunished acts of manslaughter occur every year by police who have been given the impression they are above all law.  

    When was the last time an unarmed person, possibly homeless, or as has happened several times recently, some crazy naked and completely weaponless guy was gunned down in a hail of bullets, after some cop screamed unintelligible and unreasonable orders at him?  Sound familiar? Happen in your town? 

    It’s our fault.  We did this. We will not be able to undo this at anytime in the foreseeable future.  Get used to this kind of horrifying story and much worse from now on!

    1. Because then the cops would retaliate against dozens or even hundreds of random, innocent people.  That’s how people in power prevent uprisings, by making it clear that if one protected member is touched then it will come back a hundred fold.

  8. Why were the students washing a police car in the first place? Was licking the officer’s boots clean considered too on-the-nose? School officials should be ashamed of this bit of theater, even if the cop hadn’t shot anyone. 

  9. I hope the settlement is so large the town can’t afford half this police department. Police departments need to get the picture that if you abuse people, you go to jail, you cover for abusers and don’t arrest them and prosecute them harsher than a normal citizen, you risk your job due to budget cutbacks due to very large settlements.

  10. Why do we have to take police presence for granted? It’s time to cut back on their authority. It’s not like they’ve ever recovered any items stolen from my house. I have had to pay court fines for traffic violations. And they do a good job of imprisoning drug users which we pay for with tax dollars. But nothing that really helps the community. Police are more like the most highly organized mafia in the U.S. Very effective at extracting money from the citizens for various (harmless offenses). Definitely more harm than good.

  11. Start drug testing cops: pre-hire, post-incident, random. Get these steroid-and-speed abusing freaks ID’d and off the force. For Christ’s sake, bus drivers are tested, dog catchers are tested, flight attendants are tested. But not gun and taser-carrying cops? 

  12. I’m a bit disappointed that many of the more insightful and moderate comments from this thread were illegitimately flagged for removal.  If you disagree, fine, but please explain your point of view rather than acting like a child throwing a hissy fit, Anonymous Person.  

    1. How exactly does one disagree with a comment that says, in essence, ‘I don’t believe this story because it doesn’t fit my preconceived notions’? ‘This must be fake’ comments go in the same bin with ‘First world problems’ and ‘He must have too much time on his hands’.

  13. So what happens if a citizen points a weapon at a police officer and “accidentally” discharges it?

    Oh right, 10 or 20 to life. And I must make a correction – the weapon doesn’t always need to be discharged.

    1. Cops have difficult jobs, so if they happen to accidentally shoot someone or get frustrated and beat someone to death or something like that, it’s not “ok” but it’s not the same as if you or I did that sort of thing to a cop because, of course, we’re not cops – our jobs aren’t difficult like theirs.  It’s a real PITA not blowing away people all the time and always covering for your cop buddies that do happen to sorta break the law.  

      Of course it’s insensitive, thoughtless comments like these just piss them off even more and illustrate how the citizenry doesn’t understand them and thus some steam will have to be blown off and some kid or a homeless guy or pregnant person or mentally ill dude or just some completely random person whatever will have to get a beatdown tomorrow but that’s the thin blue line for ya.

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