Downtown After Sandy: Walking 3 miles in blacked-out NYC, the night after the storm

Boing Boing pal Joe Sabia, who collaborates with us on the Boing Boing Virgin America in-flight TV channel and is a talented director—and a resident of New York's Little Italy neighborhood!—shot and edited this amazing video.

"Walking 3 miles from Mulberry Street to Grand Central on the night after Hurricane Sandy," Joe explains. "Everything south of 38th street was dark."


1) People used pay phones.

2) Lone cops would stand on corners keeping an eye out on things.

3) A few bars would have candle-lit drinking hours. Which reminded me of NYC in the 1700s, if I was alive then

I just watched Amadeus yesterday. That's why Mozart is scoring this video.


    1. progressed hell, i’m betting there were a lot of people kicking themselves for not getting some schwag before the stores flooded.   insurance pays either way.

  1. Wow. I used to think that Snake Plissken driving up Broadway was creepy.

    Where’s Duke? Is he still “A number 1?”

  2. Wow, this is amazing. It’s so strange to look over at the dark tip of Manhattan from Brooklyn and have no idea what’s going on. I like the cameo of Hecho en Dumbo lit by candlelight and bravo for using the 28th St. subway in the pitch dark. 

  3. Sheesh, I caught one of the last Amtraks out of NYC to Baltimore on Sunday. Place in DUMBO my friends got married at on Saturday was under water about 48 hours later I understand. What a mess.

  4. Something doable:

    Outfit each lamppost with a solar cell, rechargeable battery, and a LED light. Not so much light the streets, but to outline the roadway and sidewalks.

    1. Great idea! But you know there already are solar cells on the streets of NYC? Right on top of the new-fangled parking meters known as Muni-Meters. Lights? They can’t make money off of light.

  5. Hurricane? What hurricane?’s Mangu-Ward described Sandy as a “rainstorm.” Not that a little flippancy (or is it sarcasm?) is not appropriate when millions are going through hell.

  6. The music was so overdone and cheesy for this (I don’t care if it’s Mozart) that I couldn’t even watch. It made me grimace at the cheese.

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