John Cusack is going to play Rush Limbaugh in a biopic -- will it be CGI?

A new biopic about [insert politically biased job description here] Rush Limbaugh was recently announced, and while the rumored directing choice makes perfect sense -- Betty Thomas, who directed the Howard Stern semi-biopic Private Parts -- the person in talks to play Mr. Limbaugh is the comparatively young and svelt John Cusack, who is also interested in producing. Okay, so I've been offline for a while, what with Sandy knocking out my power for a week and stuff. But considering the weight Cusack will have to gain to play this role, similar to how Robert DeNiro packed it on to play Jake LaMotta, has anyone made any jokes about this movie being called Raging Bullshit yet? Surely, I can't be the first. (via Movieline)


  1. If you have a feature length documentary on all the shit going through the toilets of the whole U.S. of A. for a year, in high def 3D and Odorama, I’d rather watch that than one second of Limbaugh.

    1. I can’t help but think that a drug using former welfare recipient who has a amassed a fortune by sitting down and complaining that the problem in this world is lazy drug users and welfare recipients deserves some study.  He also advocates for family values, despite four marriages and a vacation in the Dominican Republic carrying viagara.  If there were no Rush Limbaugh, a fictional character with the same traits would be considered to fantastic to be believable.  

      1. But then what will it lead to?? Taylor Swift as Ann Coulter? Emma Stone as Michelle Bachmann?? Ed Norton as Rick Santorum?? Nip it in the bud!

        1. I see Pee-wee playing Ann Coulter and Rick Santorum. Possibly playing all the other parts, in appropriate costumes and hair but always with Pee-wee make-up.

    1. Only tangentially related, I saw a pretty cool horror flick called “The Cottage” with Andy Serkis and was shocked by what a big guy he is. I didn’t expect him to look anything like Gollum, really, but it’s still kind of surprising to me that Peter Jackson looked at this big hulking guy and said, “Yeah, he’d be perfect to play Gollum.”

  2. I doubt  Cusack would need to gain weight, it’s not like he’ll be recreating Limbaugh nude scenes. A fat suit would be just fine.

  3. I wonder if it’s authorized or unauthorized. There were always rumors that Rush Limbaugh was actually insecure, walking around the radio station worrying that he was about to go down in flames. And he did have a serious drug problem, which (rumors again) may have led to his hearing loss. An honest treatment of his life could be interesting. If it’s a glossy ditto-head affair, go ahead and book it on a double bill with “Atlas Shrugged.”

    1. No way will this be something that Limbaugh has authorized.  He and Cusak hold antithetical political views. 

  4. I wouldn’t look for this movie any time soon.  I haven’t studied Limbaugh in detail, but what I know about him wouldn’t make a very exciting movie.  Unless the Atlas Shrugged gang is bankrolling this, it will probably never be made – and if they are, it will never be watched.

    1. It could be something like American Splendor. Nothing really happens and none of the characters are very likeable, but it does create an impression.

  5. “[insert politically biased job description here]”

    Bellicose gasbag?
    Reactionary blimp?
    South end of a north-bound elephant?

  6. Who knows?  Might be interesting.  It all depends on the script, and the performance Thomas can get out of Cusack.

    Probably won’t be Citizen Kane, but then again, Citizen Kane was also a story about a larger-than-life media titan from modest beginnings who suffers pretty major setbacks that are largely due to his own unchecked appetites.

    I’ll wait and see before I pass judgment on whether this’ll be worth seeing.

  7. John, if you’re reading this, remember what Clooney said about getting fat for a role. Call him up.

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