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4 Responses to “James Bond's accessories”

  1. electronicnonsense says:

    Disappointed that a Walther PPK didn’t make the list. He’s used one in about every movie.


    • David Pescovitz says:

      That’s a really good call. I love the Walther PPK. Bought one as a gift for my father-in-law some years ago. 

  2. EeyoreX says:

    The really interesting thing about Bond’s accessories is that they’re just simulacrum when you think about it. Bond doesn’t actually wear a Rolex – it’s just an empty shell to host his murder tools, wich could just as easily be put into a $2 Casio by Department Q. But the spy is supposed to go undercover among the upper crust of society, so a fake Rolex container it is. And then the Rolex, the BMW and the other brands become part of his actual identity. Funny, that.

  3. JohnBerry says:

    I bought my wife an AR-7 last Christmas. I have seen this movie and somehow missed it.