Would you eat the saddest Cyberman (if he was a cake)?


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  1. mindysan33 says:

    OMG, there is also a Tardis cake, and a Wallace and Gromit cake…. And the cyberman cake serves 200 people (with pieces being 2″ X 1″)… But then again, it is like three feet tall.  That could be as tall as the kid, depending on the age.

    But did you check out the difference between the boys and girls cakes?  Yeah.  My daughter begs to differ there.

    • Tribune says:

      “My daughter begs to differ there.” Mine just stomped away n rage.

    • chgoliz says:

      You are not kidding….puketastic.  Seriously, 3 different types of pink castles, vs. Cyberman and the Tardis?

      I think I’m going to go stomp off in rage with Tribune’s daughter.

  2. Stooge says:

    So that’s what happened to Twiki.

  3. pupdog says:

    2″x1″ pieces. Is this where we get into a ‘this is why the US is so fat’ argument, cause that’s some tiny cake…

  4. Stooge says:

    On the plus side, by sticking to two-dimensional cake slices, an infinite number of guests could be catered for.

  5. Paul Renault says:

    There are some seriously cheeky cakes available there.  I’m really curious about Jennifer’s birthday cake…

    /Edited to add: So, judging from the number of candles, Jennifer’s two years old?

    Last Christmas I commissioned a locally-themed ‘Yule log’ cake from a local shop ( http://www.glamourcakes.ca ) – a lobster trap on a snow-covered beach.

  6. Culturedropout says:

    Copyright infringement lawsuit in 3… 2… 1…

    (But I guess they could always respond by leaving a horse-head cake in your bed…)

    • Simon Bradshaw says:

      As this is in the UK, it probably wouldn’t be a copyright infringement thanks to the ruling in Lucasfilm v Ainsworth (the ‘Stormtrooper Armour’ case). The UK Supreme Court agreed with the High Court and Court of Appeal that what are in effect costume props are not protected by any form of copyright, because they are not artworks.

      The BBC might try to claim for infringement of design right, but this can be a rather harder form of infringement to prove as you have to show originality of design and even the New Who style Cyberman is very like the original series design.

      It turns out the BBC has registered ‘Cyberman’ as a trade mark – but not in any of the classes of goods covering food!

      In any case, the BBC had its fingers burned a couple of years back when it went after someone who was posting knitting patterns for Dr Who monsters. Non-commercial fan use seems to be tolerated, but an £800 cake might be another matter, although I’d be very surprised if many of these were sold at that price.

  7. Gilbert Wham says:

    Fuck, yeah, I would. I want a bit of head. With an antennae thing on it. And an eye.

  8. class_enemy says:

    He is pretty morose looking.  Wonder if he’s got a pain down the diodes on his left side??

  9. robuluz says:

    I’l take one, but finished with gold leaf!


  10. pjcamp says:

    That’s what an Ewok looks like when ya skin it.

  11. Beanolini says:

    Would you eat the saddest Cyberman (if he was a cake)?

    I would eat ANYTHING if it was a cake. 

    • tavie says:

       Yeah, you could ask “Would you eat ______ (if it was a cake)?” and the answer would be yes for anything you’d put in the blank. Because it’s really cake.

      Unless the cake had pineapple filling or something in it, that’s gross.

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