Sign this We The People petition


10 Responses to “Sign this We The People petition”

  1. I had no idea these petitions existed, and on the White House website, too. 
    This one is truly LOL funny. Thanks. 

  2. BuelahMan says:

    Just obey, Sheople. Just obey.

  3. V says:

    but..but… putting the left foot in, taking the left foot out reeks of wealth redistribution and socialism!

  4. lknope says:

    I’d love to see Obama do the hokey pokey with the resulting Fox News coverage calling it a “Terrorist Twist,” reminiscent of the “terrorist fist bump” that he shared with his wife.

  5. PathosBill says:

    done. but i’d have preferred he do a barrel roll.

  6. Rob Knop says:

    The petition has been removed from the site because it violated the terms of service.

    I’m curious as to which of the terms of service it violated?  The terms don’t seem to have a clause about stupid and frivolous petitions.  (If it did, then, frankly, most of the petitions would go away.)

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