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19 Responses to “The Heat trailer: A new brand of buddy-cop movie has arrived”

  1. Laura McCann says:

    No period or boob jokes or any other easy gender-specific punchlines in this trailer that I saw. Looks awesome!!

    • akbar56 says:

      I counted two:
      Not being able to hold the guy they were dangling off the fire escape (cause girls are weak!)
      Wearing of spanx (cause girls have to look a specific way!)

      But then i may be reading to much into it. While I love a good buddy cop film and outside of Cagney and Lacey there should be a lot more with female partners, but for me this trailer didn’t make me laugh at all nor interest me to check it out.

      • ethicalcannibal says:

        To be fair, the spanx joke was funny for me. I don’t understand them, and have never understood what they were holding in in the first place. I saw it more of a non fashion woman’s take on a more fashion conscious woman’s spanx usage. 

      • Donald Petersen says:

        Yeah, there seems to be a dearth of laffs here.  Both McCarthy and Bullock are hilarious with the right material, but this movie’s looking a little lazy with the gags.

        I’m reminded of what Jamie Lee Curtis said about movie trailers in 1981: “Even the worst movies should contain enough good footage to create two or three exciting minutes.”  If this trailer contained the gags they hope to use to bring in the audience, I have serious doubts about the rest of the flick.

      • Marco Antonio Morales says:

        I didn’t see it that way. “Not being able to hold the guy” could have happened to two goofy male buddy-cops, too. And gender-based funny banter also happens between guys.

  2. Deidzoeb says:

    Coming soon: Pacino & Deniro in Heat/The Heat mashup trailer.

  3. Keith Tyler says:

    Cagney and Lacey on line 1.

    • BillStewart2012 says:

       And Rizzoli and Isles on line 2, but C&L have been around long enough for fictional detectives to have their cats named after them.

  4. ahecht says:

    So “Bridesmaids” meets “Miss Congeniality”?

  5. SedanChair says:

    Fuck girl police too

  6. Demián Bichir FTW!

    “lo mío lo mío lo mío, es el FBI”

  7. seems more like ‘goodbye glass floor’ considering women have to lower their standards to stoop to this tired movie formula.

  8. Kimmo says:

    Seen enough cop shows to last me a lifetime.

    Awake was pretty good though.

  9. I wanted this to be funnier than it looks

  10. bluelight74 says:

    tired and lame with a bit of the bug eyed slang talkin black criminal thrown in

  11. Sparg says:

    Honestly, at first glance I thought the large cop was Robbie Coltrane.